This Google Chrome Extension Prevents Sound from Playing Automatically on Facebook and Other HTML5 Videos

Google Chrome Extension to Disable HTML5 Autoplay

A few days ago, we reported that Facebook videos will soon be able to start playing automatically without muting the sound as you scroll through your News Feed.

To help solve this problem, we have stumbled upon a nifty Google Chrome extension that will ensure that these videos no longer play automatically. The good side of the story is that this small plugin works with more than just Facebook.

Facebook videos have been auto-playing for quite some time now, but it is only last week that the company started auto-playing these videos with sound. Previously, the user had to click on the video so as to listen to the audio – but as noted, this is no more! It means you get audio even if you don’t want to, which can really be annoying, especially if you happen to use Facebook while at work.

If you want to stop this once and for all, the “Disable HTML5 Autoplay” extension for Google Chrome is what you need to add to your Chrome web browser. This simple extension is also available for those using Opera web browser and soon, Firefox will also be supported. The Facebook videos will still show up in your news feed and auto-play as usual but this time, they will revert to their previous status where they only play audio when you click on them.

Google Chrome Extension to Disable HTML5 Autoplay

But why all the hassle of downloading and installing a Google Chrome extension when you can simply disable the Facebook videos from auto-playing right from within the social networking platform? Well, one major reason you need this extension is because you’ll not only be able to stop Facebook videos from auto-playing with sound, but also all other HTML5 videos on other websites as well – including those annoying ads that usually pop up when in the middle of something. It is also possible to customize the extension to meet your exact needs.

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