Google Chrome 57 for Desktop – Here’s Why the Update is a Must Have

Google Chrome 57

Google Chrome 57 is the latest version of the browser that is currently available for desktop users of Mac, Windows and Linux.

Other than coming in with the usual bug fixes, the updated Google Chrome 57 also carries an essential feature that makes it a must-have for desktop users. According to the search engine giant, this browsing application has a new processor throttling feature that results in 25% fewer busy background tabs and in the process, it helps with reducing the overall power consumption of the devices in question.

Despite the fact that Google Chrome is still one of the best web browsing application on the planet, many have accused the browser for its heavy battery consumption. In fact, these continued accusations have played a huge role in Google’s decision to make efficient power usage a major pillar as far as its long-term software development strategy is concerned. The latest move in ensuring efficient power usage has forced Google to throttle background tabs through the limitation of JavaScript timers.

Just to give you a short highlight, JavaScript timers are responsible for constant updating of web page content in tabs associated with news sites and social networking platforms, something that takes a huge chunk of CPU resources. In the updated Google Chrome 57, these timers will now be delayed in each tab, just in case their power usage goes beyond the mark. Don’t worry about your background tabs that will be playing audio or using any real-time connections for they won’t be affected by this throttling.

Google Chrome 57

Google says that when throttling is implemented, there will be a reduced number of busy tabs in the background, hence freeing up some resources for use on the current active tabs. Usually, background tabs take up about one third of the browser’s power usage on PCs. Eventually, the tech giant hopes that it will be able to suspend all timers in Google Chrome background tabs by relying on new APIs, but when this will actually come around is still anyone’s guess.

The updated Google Chrome 57 is already available for free download on all desktops.

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