Google Chrome 56 Removes Option to Replace Downloads, but it won’t Clutter your Device

Google Chrome 56

A few years ago, back at a time when many Android phones did not come with file browsers, it was really tough when it came to managing Google Chrome downloads.

Users of Google Chrome browser experienced a peculiar behavior where duplicate files downloaded were usually renamed to filename(1), filename(2) and so forth. While this feature was not completely removed, the tech giant decided to hand users more control over the management of web downloads. Back then, a new version was rolled out that introduced the option to replace duplicate files. This, at the time, was something worthy, but now that Android phones come with inbuilt file browsers, Google is also making another small change to how this feature works.

The latest Google Chrome 56 is stable and as such, everyone who has updated the app to the latest version should be using this v56. When you try to download a file that has already been downloaded, you’ll be asked if you want to download the file again. There is an option to download it anyway or cancel the entire download. If you decide to proceed with downloading it, a duplicate will be created and named in the same manner as before – filename(1), filename(2) and so forth. Instead of overwriting files, all the versions that you download are kept.

Google Chrome 56

With the latest update, Google Chrome has removed some control over downloads that users had as there is no option for replacing the duplicate file. Nonetheless, this has also made the dialog a little bit clearer than before.

Have you seen this small, but nifty change in your Google Chrome 56 stable version? Please share your experience with us in your comments below.

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