Google Assistant may get an Online Payment feature soon, Google App beta reveals

Google App and Google Assistant

There is a new Google App beta version available for download, but many may not have noticed it because, well, it is still in beta.

However, developers love tearing down beta versions of apps and this is exactly what they’ve done to the latest Google App beta. In so doing, it has been discovered that Google might be planning to add support for mobile payments using the new Google Assistant.

Google has been open about its efforts to make this virtual assistant the heart of what users do with their Android devices, something that is evidenced by the deep integration of the feature in the latest Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. However, the competition out there is tougher than you can ever imagine. In fact, there are reports that Samsung is set to unveil its own smart assistant known as Bixby and just recently, HTC gave the world the Sense Companion, which powers the HTC U Ultra phablet.

At launch, Google Assistant was shown to have so many capabilities than many could think of, but not everything is out there as at the time of this writing. One such feature is support for mobile payment services, but the good side of the story is that this feature seems to be in the pipes and may be added to the Google Assistant very soon.

Google App and Google Assistant

The updated strings of code that give out these details can be found in Google App version 6.11.13, which, as noted earlier, is still in beta. Developers came across codes referring to credit cards handling with room to contact Google support in case of anything. This ability to make mobile payments via the Google App will also be added to the Google Assistant that lives in this app and other devices as well, for instance, the Google Home smart speakers.

As of now, users of the Google App can still make payments using the Google Assistant, but the support hasn’t gone beyond the service apps. With this update, Google wants you to use the AI-based Assistant to make online payments as well. Furthermore, the folks who tore down the code also found something to do with “shared devices” and as it is, this could be related to the devices one picks for carrying out the transactions, hence avoiding any accidental payments or rather purchases.

There is nothing yet to get excited about as this is just a string of code in an app that is not yet official. Things could change with the end product, but we can be sure that Google has plans to add this feature at some point in the coming future. Keep following!

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