Google Allo Finally Crosses 10 Million Play Store Installs Threshold

A couple of months have elapsed since Google sent out two new communication applications – Google Allo and Duo.

The former is a dedicated instant messaging client on mobile while the latter is a video chat mobile platform. Google Allo was launched with cutting-edge Google Assistant integration and smart reply features which were billed to revolutionize mobile messaging but surprisingly the app has struggled to attract substantial consumption.

It is quite fair to say Google Allo uptake has been cold and that could be associated with the fact that the app is not fully stuffed to replace other messengers as a standalone messaging app. A number of users have been asking Google to add the missing features so that the app can have the capabilities to serve all messaging needs single-handedly and the search engine giant has to do exactly that or else a similar case with former flagship Google Hangouts could reoccur.

Allo was met with a lot of hype amassing 5 million downloads in a record 5 days. However, the rate of installs has been dwindling with time and the number has been stuck between 5 and 10 million downloads for almost two months now which is not impressive at all. Nonetheless, the chat app has over 10 million downloads now and has started a journey to the next larger 50 million milestone. Evidently, that may not be anytime soon unless the developer finds tricks to recapture people’s attention.

Naturally, almost all apps and games attract a high rate of downloads in the first few days after launch and a slower pace expected thereafter. However, 10 million downloads in two months is more than disappointing for an app that competes rivals with massive user bases. The leading players in the market WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have both hit over a billion active users.

Google Allo

Google Allo launched on September 24 less some features necessary for an app of its kind to serve as a standalone messaging client. Major omissions include support for SMS fallback, voice and video calling capabilities. However, Google has been working to bring the app to parity with other players. Since, its launch, Allo has received among other features landscape support, background themes, quick reply, app shortcuts and a host of fascinating stickers. There are also plans in place to integrate the app more with its sister Google Duo. Talking of, Duo, the video chat service has done comparatively better on the Google Play Store. The face-to-face chat app like its sister hit 5 million users within the first week of release but gained a stronger post-launch traction to gather 10 million plus Play Store installs within a month since its launch.

A few tech nerds especially those interested in Artificial Intelligence understand well what it means to have Allo but that does not apply to regular users who form the majority which is what is required in this case. The application remains the only way for these users to communicate with Google Assistant in absence of Pixel phone which is quite hard to find.

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