Good News: Android Users May soon be Able to ‘Drag and Drop’ Stuff like on Windows PCs

There have been claims that the smartphone will soon replace the traditional PC. In fact, some sections believe that some of the latest Android devices have the ability to take the place of PCs.

While this might be true to some point, especially with new entrants into the market such as Samsung Galaxy S8 and the PC-focused Samsung DeX, there are actions that you still can’t do on an Android phone yet they are very easy to perform on a Windows PC, for instance.

One such action that has eluded Android users yet PC users keep on enjoying it is the drag and drop feature. On a PC, you can easily click or tap (for touch-screen PCs) and hold on stuff and easily drag and drop them in an area – or folder – you want them to be. This is actually one of the easiest ways of copying files from one location to another and apparently, future Android devices will support this action.

According to a new report, the search engine giant has just received a new patent that could let Android users drag and drop stuff on their phones, thus saving them a huge amount of taps. If the report is to be believed, the feature will come with support for not just text, but also images and videos. It gets even better as the feature will still be possible to use between apps, that is, you’ll be able to select an object, drag it to a location or app you want and drop it in there.

Drag and Drop on Android devices

At the moment, transferring stuff from one location to another requires Android users to mark, copy and then proceed to paste the stuff in the new location. This hassle will be no more once this feature comes to life. Just like you get suggestions of apps you can use to share a recent photo you took, the drag and drop feature will also show you some app suggestions of where to drop the stuff being dragged. If you are dragging an image, the feature will suggest apps that accept such files, for instance, Instagram or Snapchat.

It gets even better as the feature will also work with the Google Assistant for an enhanced user experience. However, the details of when this drag and drop feature will be rolled out are still unclear. In fact, being a mere patent, we might never get to see this feature, especially since tech companies regularly file patents that never get to materialize. In short, don’t be too quick to get your hopes high.

How would you feel if Google made it possible to drag and drop stuff on future Android devices? Let us know in your comments below.


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