Get into LG G6 Experience Consumer Trial program to get the G6 for free

LG G6 Experience

In 2015, South Korean company LG Electronics launched a new program known as LG Consumer Trial Program. With this program, the tech giant was able to hand out free LG G4 phones to select consumers to try it out ahead of the phone’s launch.

Apparently, this same program is back with the LG G6 after missing out on the G5 and as at the time of this writing, it is open for signing up. With the LG Consumer Trial Program or rather LG Experience, you stand a chance of getting a brand new LG G6 ahead of the official release, which could happen somewhere in March, although the phone will be launched in less than 10 days.

So far, reports coming from South Korean claim that over 35,000 people have already signed up to this LG G6 Experience program, yet the program went live just yesterday. With this tool, the company hopes that it can collect user feedback ahead of the phone’s release, with those who get a chance to test-drive the phone to last a whole 30 days with it – without paying a dime!’

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It seems this year’s LG G6 is the phone to bring back the company’s fortunes. An official is reportedly quoted to be saying that the server went down at some point due to too many applicants for the Experience Program. But there is nothing to worry about as there’s still time, with the application into the program set to end on February 24th.


To get in, you’ll need to fill a questionnaire that is available on the official LG Electronics website. But be warned that the current 35,000+ and those who sign up to the program from now until the last day will stand an equal chance of winning the free LG G6 to test-drive. The company will only give out 210 units, with the winners to be announced on February 28th.

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Once selected, the LG G6 will be shipped to your preferred destination, but the company will reportedly require you to carry out a few tasks that include surveys and others for up to 30 days. Once done with the testing, LG will let you have the G6 for free. Cool huh!

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