Report: Nintendo Upping Production of Switch in Anticipation of Ramped-up Demand during the Holiday Season

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has been selling out since its launch on March 3, no wonder stumbling on the handheld console hybrid gaming machine in retail stores has been quite hard. With such an impressive run, demand […]

FIFA 18 Update: What you need to know – Release date, Gameplay, Demos and New Features


If you are an avid gamer, a football video gamer for that matter, you got to love FIFA and the fact that the latest installment, FIFA 18, is soon coming out. As such, you need […]

Super Mario Run Gets first ever Update – Features more Toads, New Buildings, Google Play/Game Centre Achievements

Super Mario Run

For a very long time Super Mario Run creator, Nintendo, has been unmoved by the flourishing business in the mobile video game realm. Despite a lot of requests by its avid fanatics, the gaming giant […]

Super Mario Run Download for Android is a Scam

Super Mario Run

Nintendo’s first real installment ever for smartphones has finally come, Super Mario Run, launched this week exclusively for iOS mobile devices. As expected, scammers are here to benefit from the new game based on the […]