Future Samsung Galaxy A Series to Come with Dual-Edge Display Screens

Samsung Galaxy A series

Samsung Galaxy A series was introduced last year and ever since, the series is slowly growing in popularity, especially since it gives users a chance to get close to the flagship Galaxy S series, especially when it comes to the design language and feel, but at a slightly lower price.

In a new report coming from South Korea, it seems Samsung wants to push this Galaxy A phone even further closer to its flagship Galaxy S series. Apparently, the tech giant wants to bring its curved OLEDs to the Galaxy A series as a part of a shift from the high dependence on rigid displays to the new curved dual-edge technology that has previously been set aside for the high-end models.

None of the current Samsung Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7 or Galaxy A9 have a curved dual-edge screen, but this might shift very soon as the company looks to reduce the cost of production that is upped by usage of rigid display panels. This is to mean that Samsung sees the production of OLED panels to be cheaper, hence the need to have more devices that are based on the new screen technology.

Samsung Galaxy A series

It would be a much welcome idea for Samsung Galaxy A series handsets to come with a dual-edge screen – a feature that we have only seen on the Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7 Edge as well as last year’s Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ handsets. There have also been reports that Samsung Galaxy S8 will shift to this design for its two variants, meaning that the flat screen models are slowly fading away.

Would you like to see the curved dual-edge screens move over from premium handsets to the midrange Samsung Galaxy A series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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