Flawed WhatsApp Night Mode Could Dwarf the Application’s Future Growth

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A few days ago WhatsApp added Night Mode, a feature that enhances photography in low-light settings to its in-app camera. It enhances clarity producing brighter images as intended, but users have also reported the images being grainy.

Well, imperfection is inevitable, however, this time around it might come at a hefty cost for the leading instant leading messenger. Here is why;

Significance of photography in this millennium is beyond exaggeration. In this era, as you might have observed, smartphone manufacturers are investing heavily in technologies related to topnotch photography and it is for the reason that the future of technology hinges on photography come hell or high water. And it is for the similar reason, still, that WhatsApp aped Snapchat’s camera-oriented Stories feature and passed it as ‘My Status’.

Back to the matter at hand, but before then here is a recap of the WhatsApp’s photo-enhancer, incase you missed out: The Night Mode is built for WhatsApp’s in-app camera and is exclusive to those using the chat app on iPhones at the moment. There is no information on when the feature will be coming to Android, but it shouldn’t take long all the same.

It is marked with a white crescent moon icon placed at the top right, just adjacent to the flash icon. The ‘moon’ turns yellow on tapping, signifying active mode. Night Mode works for videos recorded with the in-app camera as well, so the next time you will be shooting a film, after nightfall, remember to hit the icon for some decent videos.

Now, users have been testing the feature comparing photos taken with the feature on and the general feeling is that the images are somehow grainy despite the iPhone used. This is not the feedback WhatsApp development team would want to hear at this time when competitors are throwing everything to make their in-app cameras the go-to choice; talk of filters, masks and 3D effects among many others. The rife competition in this segment demands that you give the best and with photography tipped the key to future technology, the best means playing smart with your camera. And as it stands WhatsApp is playing dangerously.

The Facebook-owned messaging app has made efforts, though not enough, to ensure enjoyable interactions with photos and videos. You can now play videos from within the app as they download in the background thanks to video streaming feature rolled out a few months back. And of course, the controversial Snapchat Stories lookalike; My Status feature. The service has also added ability to scribble words on images and videos taken using the in-app camera. There is also provision to add emojis to photos and videos to add more taste before sharing.

Lastly, you don’t need to update your WhatsApp for you to start seeing this feature, it should be showing by itself.

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