First Apple iPhone SE ‘Assembled in India’ Models Show Up

Apple iPhone SE

In May, a Wall Street Journal report appeared with claims that the iPhone SE production in India had already commenced with the first units expected to go on sale soon.

Well, it appears that soon is here and apparently, the first units with an “Assembled in India” tag have started showing up in Bangalore. This report comes from The Indian Express, which says that it’s not easy to come by such models since Apple started the production in the country with a few units for trial purposes.

So far, the Indian-made Apple iPhone SE models have only been spotted in Bangalore, which is nothing strange given that the plant handling the production of this phone, Wistron, is located here. At the time of commencing production, sources said that retail outlets would be ready to start selling the first batch in a few weeks’ time, with the phone priced at about $220 for the base model.

However, this price change has not been seen so far, especially since the locally-assembled iPhone SE has yet to start selling in huge numbers. Apparently, the Indian-made models are still priced at the same price as those variants made in China, but with more units hitting the market, it’s possible that the price will eventually go down from the current Rs 27,000.

When this price change will take place is still unclear, but we’ll for sure be here to let you know when it happens. Keep following.


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