FIFA 18 Update: What you need to know – Release date, Gameplay, Demos and New Features


If you are an avid gamer, a football video gamer for that matter, you got to love FIFA and the fact that the latest installment, FIFA 18, is soon coming out.

As such, you need to get up to speed with some of the features, new facts, and what the developers are up to with the new FIFA game. There is a lot involved this time around.

Recall: The franchise converted to newer Frostbite last year, with this year’s installment, EA is also adding Madden 18 to the engine. That, by itself, certainly promises lots of improvements.

Though the developer has not come out to air all about the new game, there is a lot of information already out there including the game’s availability on Nintendo Switch, and more details keep coming each and every day.

Today, we give you some of the much sought-after information about FIFA 18: release date, gameplay, new features, graphics and Madden 18, that is, for older PS3 and Xbox 360.

Release Date

As we all know, FIFA games always arrive in September, though the developer has not confirmed any specific date, be sure FIFA 18 will be live sometime in September.

Looking at some possible dates, in the U.S., most likely the game will launch in-between Madden 18 and NHL 18, not forgetting to get ahead of many other releases scheduled for that spell.

As such, FIFA 18 is expected to land in stateside on 26th September, well ahead of other countries, which will get it a few days afterwards. But before then, five days earlier, the game should be with subscribers of EA Access and Origin Access (PC and Xbox One) for five days trial before the larger public release.


Gameplay videos

With E3 imminent, EA has well timed the event with in-house EA Play confirmed for June, until then much about FIFA 18 remains preserved. The first video could feature during the EA Play, but not much is expected of the video which might only highlight majorly on the storyline leaving out much about gameplay.

There is hope that EA Play could feature press access and allow live streaming that reveal early gameplay.

In case EA doesn’t release any official video or images at either of the two events, more information should be there in August, so be sure to check it out.


FIFA 18 may take the flipside of Madden 18 with a more advanced demo where gamers should be able to try out the game on their console.

A repeat of last year, where FIFA demo landed in mid-September – though with some restriction in team selection but with impressive ability to enjoy full 90 minutes of action – could be forthcoming.


It goes without say that gamers expect improved graphics in the new FIFA game, an upgrade of Frostbite and FIFA 17 alike. But again, there is no official mention of that just yet but you can be sure there will be positive graphical improvements.

Expect FIFA 18 graphics at its best on Xbox One and PS4. As stated earlier, this year’s FIFA 18 will also be available on Nintendo Switch. Graphically, the special build should be better than Xbox 360 and PS3 variants but an upgrade of Xbox One and PS4 adaptations should be unlikely.


New Features

In a statement to the investors, EA has just confirmed that this year’s FIFA will be more than just a routine release.

The company did confirm availability of The Journey with season 2 and addition of more characters in the career mode. There will also be improvements in Ultimate Team coupled with unprecedented immersion and connectivity.

Xbox 360 and PS3

There is a lot of uncertainty around the older Xbox and PS3 FIFA 18 variants, which to say the least are nearing their end times as far as new FIFA games are concerned.

Nonetheless, there is slim hope that the ageing consoles will get one last chance but remove Frostbite Engine out of the equation – it was not there even in FIFA 17 for Xbox 360 and PS3 – and its involvement in Nintendo Switch release remains to be confirmed.

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