Facebook wants to be a hostile place for ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al-Shabaab and other Terror Groups – Here’s how


Facebook and other social networking platforms are cool places to be, however, they are also among the leading places where terror groups spread their religion and gain new followers.

We all know Facebook is the leading social networking platform in the world, with billions of people using the platform to connect with friends, share their stories and even earn a living. However, the emergence of social media as a tool for spreading terrorist propaganda has put the American Company into the hot seat, with many criticizing the tech giant for doing little to combat the widespread use of the network by terror groups such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al-Shabaab and others.

As this criticism keeps on, the company has moved in with a detailed process on how it plans to handle the spread of terrorist propaganda and counter the ongoing radicalization of youths, among other threats. In a blog post published a few days ago, the tech giant says that most of the accounts that have been removed from the social network due to activities related to terrorism were uncovered by the company itself thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence techniques.

These techniques, according to the blog post, include image-matching for photos and videos associated with terror groups as well as detecting “clusters” of related accounts where terrorist content is posted. In addition, the company also notes that it has built new techniques that are used to detect and shut down repeat offenders.

In order to make this entire terrorist hunting process even better, Facebook is also including human efforts to combat these terror groups. Apparently, the social media giant has a group of over 150 people whose primary role is to counter terrorism and such related activities on the platform. This group includes experts from counterterrorism academia as well as law enforcement agencies.


The company also confirmed that it works closely with governments, NGOs and other entities to curb the growth of terror groups and spread of terrorist propaganda on the platform. All these efforts are aimed at making Facebook a “hostile place for terrorists” by getting better at spotting early signs of terror activities before it gets too late.

Not so long ago, the UK and France said that they will soon be taking matters into their own hands by punishing tech companies that fail to take action against terror groups and their related propaganda through heavy fines. This came after British Prime Minister Theresa May claimed that internet companies, including and not limited to Facebook, have created a “safe space” where terror groups operate freely.


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