Facebook Redesigns its Logo, Adds a New and Fresh Look

Facebook has completely redesigned its famous logo and added a new and fresh look to the UI. However, it requires more than a keen eye in order to spot the differences that the developers of this social networking website have introduced on this app’s user interface.
While the new changes do not hugely affect the whole interface of the app, the change in the famous logo signifies a new beginning for this application. There is no doubt that this company’s logo is one of the most recognizable across the world and a small change to it is something that almost everyone should in a position to notice. However, this change seems to be ‘hidden’ in other major updates that have been coming to this platform.
The latest version of Facebook comes with a brand new logo that takes a different shape from the previous one. This logo adopts a slimmer and more modern font when compared to what the previous logo had. In addition, this new logo has dumped the double-storey letter “a” that has been in the logo since 2005 and it has also added a tail to the letter “b”. However, the lower case letter “f” will remain untouched.
The rest of the logo’s design seems to have retained lots of the firm’s previous efforts and the famous blue color of Facebook is still very dominant. According to Facebook, it believes now that the company has established itself as a top social networking website, it is time to make things more modern, making the logo feel more friendly and very approachable at the same time. This is just an update of this logo, which is contrary to what many would have expected, that is, a full redesign.

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