Facebook Photo Albums can now Store Everything: Images, Videos, Texts and Check-ins

Facebook Photo Albums

Facebook Photo Albums is getting a decent update, rolling out since yesterday, giving the feature more flexibility: addition of more content, collaboration with other contributors and featuring albums in profiles.

The overhaul is coming at the back of a major upgrade to Google Photos and rife rivalry with Snapchat. The new change sees the expansion of content for Facebook Photo Albums from photos and videos to include plain texts and check-ins, giving users several ways to share their remarkable moments via the social network. Facebook Photo Albums is now more than just a gallery for photos, but in a single album you can share text posts, your check-ins at a food cafeteria, and of course videos and photos of you, amongst other stuff.

The albums are also sliding into the News Feeds thanks to the follow and unfollow feature. However, single status posts have always stayed ahead of albums in the News Feed despite the fact that the latter gather weightier contents over time. That is why Facebook has built an opt-in notifications ability, such that you never miss out on updates every time an album that you have followed gets something new. And even if you turn off the notifications, updates from followed albums will still be flowing into the News Feed.

In addition to more content, Facebook Photo Albums are now collaborative. Users can now invite their friends, with whom they shared the moment with, to add their content to a single album. The feature comes in handy for a situation like a joint pizza party where each single person involved can chip in which their own memories for the shared album.

The changelog also sees favorite albums feature inside one’s profile. You only need to tag albums as favorites and they will be showcased right on your profile. Otherwise, everything remains pretty the same. Creating a new album is still done via navigating to Photos then choosing ‘create album’ option. Besides, the ability to add new content at a later time still remains intact.

Facebook Photo Albums

In competitive perspective, while Google Photos is distinct with photo storage and sharing, Facebook Photo Albums is taking another course of merging more content in one and will be leaning on its huge vivacious network for quick success, now that Google+ has tanked.

The update is live on Facebook for Android and web clients and is rolling out in stages.  As such, not everyone will be seeing the feature at the same time. However, iPhone owners will have to wait a tad longer, but Facebook has said the feature will be hitting the platform soon.

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