Facebook News Feed will now Autoplay Videos with Sound by Default – But You Can Disable it

Facebook Autoplay Videos

Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world, boasting a user base that is closing in on a record 2 billion monthly active users.

This is a huge market for not just Facebook, but also other companies trying to reach out to different people across the globe. In fact, Facebook has easily become a medium through which business people reach out to current and potential customers.

In the early days of Facebook, people had no problem with consuming text-based media. However, over time, things are changing and in fact, most people today prefer videos (or images) to text. The volume of video media consumed per day has grown into something huge – something that has meant major advertisers take the same direction. As a result, you will usually come across lots of videos on your News Feed, but the good side of the story is that these videos have their sound muted.

At the moment, Facebook News Feed videos usually autoplay without producing any sound. This means your data is wasted even on things you probably didn’t want to check out or even won’t check out. Facebook is making changes to this feature with the incoming update, making it even more annoying than you’d think. Apparently, all the videos that autoplay will no longer do it quietly, rather, sound will accompany them.


As you scroll past the videos in your Facebook News Feed, the audio will fade in and out, which the company thinks will help keep the sound chaos in control. The good side of the story is that you can simply disable this feature so that sound remains muted by default. To do this, go to your Facebook account Settings and navigate to the Videos section. While in there, hit the “Off” option that appears under the “Videos in News Feed Start with Sound” option.

Facebook Autoplay Videos

When you select a video in your News Feed, sound will automatically be turned on, just like it is happening with the current version of the app. If you use your phone in silent mode, you can also ignore this whole turning off process as video sound will also be muted.

The new feature will be rolled out gradually and initially, you might not see the option to turn the feature off – but it will be there eventually.

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