Facebook Messenger M Suggestions Now Ask You to Bookmark Links, Make Calls and Send Birthday Wishes

Facebook Messenger

There are several features tucked in Facebook Messenger, some of which a good number of its users are not aware of.

To make these under-the-radar functionalities known to as many users as possible, Facebook rolled out M Suggestions about two months ago. The feature is now getting a boost with new suggestions being added to the list including suggestions to save links, make calls and send happy birthday wishes.

For starters, M is an artificial intelligence virtual assistant that Facebook rolled out to Messenger way back in 2015. The clever software scans your chats for keywords and completes tasks for you. For example, if M comes across a phrase like “I need some food” it will avail its food delivery system for you to order foodstuffs right from the comfort of your couch.

To get more out of this product, the company added the Suggestions feature in April, for Messenger users in the US. One of the key aims of this addition was to unmask hidden features within the app, whenever a user mentions anything close to what they perform. For instance, you didn’t know that you can order food from your nearest cafeteria, then you happen to mention – somewhere in your conversation – about having lunch with a friend at a nearby restaurant, M will instantly ask if you would like to have your lunch delivered by a Messenger bot. So, basically, that’s how it works.

Back to the main point. With this update, M Suggestions will now prompt you to save links whenever they are shared in a chat so that you can refer to them when you please. These include links to websites, videos and Facebook posts, events and Pages. M Suggestions will ask you to consider saving these content for later use because the company has realized that people often do not get enough time to go through them as they chat, said Messenger’s product manager Kemal El Moujahid.

You get your bookmarked links via Messenger’s in-house Chat Extension that also started rolling out in April. Chat Extensions help certified chatbots chip in for non-bot chats. Its function, however, is not limited to viewing saved contents alone but also allowing users to add these links to their messages in Messenger conversations.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook also aims to popularize Messenger’s call function, both voice and video, using the M Suggestions feature. So, the assistant will be following through your one-on-one and group chats and when it senses that you want to make a call it will let you know that you could make that call in Messenger. This only works for standard accounts and won’t appear for business accounts or chatbots, Moujahid said.

Facebook will also be reminding you more often about your friends’ birthdays and asking you to send to them happy birthday wishes. So when you are chatting with friends over Messenger on their born days, Facebook will be all over nudging you to wish them happy birthdays. The platform will also avail to you birthday stickers and virtual cards for the same purpose.

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that M Suggestions is already making suggestions around already factored-in keywords. The ones talked about above are just but additions to the already existing ones.

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