Facebook Messenger Payments Feature Extended to Support Groups

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has a one-to-one payments feature that allows users to send and receive money from within the chat app.

Today, the function has received a boost after the social media giant announced that the feature has been extended to support group transactions as well.

From now henceforth, you can send money to two or more friends within Messenger’s conversion thread with no hassles using this snappy addition. You don’t have to bother yourself with tedious payment services like PayPal, Square Cash, Venmo and the like anymore.

The new Facebook Messenger group payments feature is convenient and easy to use, all you have to do is get to the payments icon. It’s simple; open a new group chat window on Messenger or an already existing one, look to the bottom left corner for a plus icon which expands to other options (games, ride requests, location sharing, etc. ) when tapped. Look up for a dollar ($) sign – which is the payments icon – option from which you start to engage the new group payments function.

You can choose a few members of the group to send to or request cash from or simply highlight the entire roster. The fun does not cease here, the whole amount can be evenly distributed among the highlighted individuals or particular people assigned specific amounts.

Facebook Messenger

Going further, you can specify the reason for your request, be it, fare, pizza bill, anything. As a confirmation, a message will appear within the thread noting the person who has paid and the amount they have paid.

As a selling point, Facebook has assured Messenger users that the free service is secure and safe despite the fact that no password is required to unlock it.

Unfortunately, not all Facebook Messenger users can access group payments right away. The feature is limited to U.S. subscribers at the moment and not only that, it is also exclusive to Android and desktop users, at least for now.

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