Facebook Messenger is Testing Reactions Feature, Launching Soon

Facebook Messenger

Last year, Facebook introduced the Reactions feature on the main social networking platform where users can ‘react’ to posts via a different set of emojis that pop up below a post.

According to the latest reports coming from Techcrunch, the same Reactions feature will soon be available on the company’s chat app, Facebook Messenger. The publication was tipped by a user who has received the feature on their Messenger app, confirming that it is being tested on select devices.

Apparently, you only need to tap a small button that appears next to received messages. Here, a bunch of reaction emojis will appear and you can proceed by picking the one you want to be assigned to the message in question. If you own an iPhone with iOS 10 installed, you probably have come across a feature known as Tapback in the Messages app. Well, this is basically the same thing that is coming to Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger

After receiving the tip, Techcrunch proceeded to ask Facebook about this development and the company confirmed that it is indeed testing the Reactions feature in Facebook Messenger, with a wider rollout expected to follow it at some point in future. As to when this future is, we can’t tell for now, but it won’t be long.

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