Facebook Messenger for Desktop Gets Group Voice Calling

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger for desktop is currently testing a voice calling feature which is a direct shot at desktop calling powerhouse Skype. The messenger app for smartphones got the audio calls’ ability back in April and now Facebook engineers are tuning algorithms for the desktop client.

A successful testing process will bring the useful feature for conference calls to peoples’ homes and offices. Facebook has already confirmed this and users on the client will see a new phone call button on their group conversations. They will be required to hit the icon to start inviting participants instantly.

Communication is currently veering off traditional ways and messaging becoming more than just sending texts. Today’s world messaging inclines towards rich media and messaging services are moving fast to embrace the new change. At the moment, a chat app without voice and video calling capabilities is deemed incomplete, a good example is the Google Allo. The search giant’s dedicated messaging app is currently struggling to gather substantial meager downloads on Play Store. That aside, messaging platforms are fast embracing audio/voice calling to stay relevant in the game.

Just to give you the seriousness by which this machinery is hugged: Oculus has released VR to VR audio calling featuring Parties function, Snapchat brought in voice and video calling back in March, Google Duo will be receiving audio calls soon as per the company’s recent announcement, Slack just added video calling this week having welcomed voice desktop voice calling in March. The biggest player in the market, Facebook’s WhatsApp received the loved video calling last month. The apps’ voice calling feature came a year earlier, as at June 2016 WhatsApp had over 100 million audio calls made via the popular platform.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger calling feature on desktop back dates to 2013 when the social media titan first embraced desktop voice calling. But to live its social media dream, the company has to add features that bring many people together and Group chat/calling has proved useful in this respect. The attention attracted by startup Houseparty, a group video chat app that has won the heart of many youths has also fueled Facebook’s urge to build one of its own.  Teenagers are ditching broadcasting services which include Facebook Live for the new arrival which is doing great in App Store right now.

Finally, there is no official mention yet about group video chat feature for Facebook Messenger even though the function has been speculated for a while now.

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