Facebook is Beefing up User Privacy with a Tool that will Prevent People from Downloading your Profile Photos


While Facebook is one of the best places to be, it can also turn out to be a nightmare, especially for women, more so, beautiful women.

It’s possible that you’ve come across a photo of you on a different platform yet you did not give out this photo to anyone. This is because it’s so easy for anyone to download a photo from your Facebook profile and use it in any way they feel like. For this reason, many people, especially women, choose not to share their photos on the popular social network for fear of their privacy violation.

In order to take care of this situation, Facebook is testing a tool that will prevent other people from downloading your profile photos, something that will for sure make more women feel more comfortable about sharing or rather uploading their photos on the platform.

There are malicious people out there who have dedicated themselves to harvesting photos from Facebook and use them in advertisements or maybe in dating frauds. With this new tool, Facebook users will have the option to protect their photos such that other people have no option of downloading them or even sharing them.

If you feel like, the feature will also let you overlay a texture on top of the photo, something that the company’s research has proven makes these photos less likely to be downloaded or misused. When a photo is protected, it will have a blue border and a shield to show that they are indeed protected.

Someone might be thinking they’ll still have the option to capture a screenshot of the photo rather than download it. Well, Facebook says that this tool will also disable the ability to capture screenshots, but it has only been confirmed for Android devices.

As at the time of this writing, the feature is already live in India, but as noted, it’s still in the testing stages. If this pilot scheme turns out to be a success, Facebook says that the feature will be rolled out to other countries in the near future.


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