[Update: HTC responds] Default HTC 10 Keyboard is now displaying Ads

HTC 10

Update: HTC has acknowleged the issue and is reportedly working swiftly to resolve it. Meanwhile, you may also uninstall previous updates to the app to take care of the problem as you wait for an official fix.

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HTC hasn’t been enjoying the best sales figures in the smartphone industry lately and perhaps the Taiwanese company is looking for a way to add some extra earnings to its dwindling revenue in a bizarre way.

According to the latest reports, the default HTC 10 keyboard has started displaying ads. This is strange. In fact, some users of the 10 initially thought of this as a malware until they came across a Reddit thread on the same and as it is, there are many people who have noticed this behavior on their phones.

If you are using the out of the box HTC 10 keyboard, you might have noticed this already. Those using third-party keyboards such as Swiftkey or even Google’s GBoard have not seen this issue on their phones, which means it’s something specifically affecting the company’s default keyboard.

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The frustrated HTC 10 users are all over Reddit, ranting about how these ads have taken over the keyboard. One user claims that the space bar works like half the time and another says the responsiveness of the keyboard has been greatly affected.

So far, HTC hasn’t said a word on whether this is an intentional decision or a bug, but to solve the problem, you’d be better off with a third-party keyboard such as GBoard, Swiftkey or whatever keyboard that doesn’t show ads when you are typing or chatting with a friend.

Have you come across ads on your default HTC 10 keyboard?


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