Confirmed: HTC will ship only Six or Seven Smartphones in 2017


Taiwanese company HTC hasn’t been going through a great time lately. Not so long ago, the tech giant released its financial report for Q4 2016 and as expected, there was a huge operating loss of TWD 3.6 billion, which is well over $116 million.

The smartphone business has become extremely competitive and just like BlackBerry and Nokia, HTC is well aware that it needs to ring some huge changes in order to stay afloat the market. As a result, the Google Pixel maker has an entirely new plan for 2017.

In order to bring down the huge losses being made year in year out, HTC Smartphone President Chia-Lin Chang said that the company will focus more on ways to regain profitability rather than try to increase revenue. To do this, Chang is adamant that the company only needs about six or seven profitable smartphones this 2017. These phones, although still unknown, are said to range from midrange to high-end. As for the low-end market, HTC believes that the competition is too stiff and thus profit margins are not the best.

HTC U Play

This is better from HTC, coming in with few devices that probably offer the best in the market, rather than come in with volumes of phones that end up not adding any value, which has been the case so far.

In case you didn’t know, we already have two HTC phones in 2017 – the HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play. This means the company is still lining up four or five more devices, with one expected to be the successor to the HTC 10. Whether HTC will also price its devices more affordably or not is unknown, but looking at what the current HTC U Ultra and U Play are valued at, there probably won’t be any phones in the sub-$300 price category.

Source: HTC via: HTC Source

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