At Last, There’s a Worthy Google Nexus 6P Alternative on the Market

Google Nexus 6P

Google broke the hearts of some when it came in with the Pixel and Pixel XL phones as the successors to the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, respectively.

People had literally fallen in love with the Nexus family due to a number of reasons. First, the pricing aspect that meant the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X were two of the best affordable smartphones money could buy. Second, the pure Android experience the Google phones came with and third, the timely software updates and great customer support from Google.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones still promise timely software updates and quality customer support, but the pricing issue is a whole new story. At $649 for the base model of the Pixel and $749 for the Pixel XL, someone who has been a strong proponent of the Nexus family just because of the price did not see a major reason to jump ship to the new Pixel family.

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Given that the Google Nexus 6P is coming of age and that the upcoming Android O will be its last major software update, some have been contemplating on their next move after this magnificent phone. If you are among them, well, there’s finally a worthy replacement in the market for your darling 6P.

Of course, getting a phone that gives you the same pure Android experience would mean sticking to Google phones, but at $749, the available Google Nexus 6P successor is just too much for some, even with financing options available. But with the new OnePlus 5, you have a phone that is close to what you might have been waiting for all this time.

The OnePlus 5 ticks a number of important boxes that anyone moving from a Google Nexus 6P would want. First is the price, where the phone is valued at just $479 for the base model and $539 for the high-end variant. Second is, although still questionable, the promise of future software updates, but of course, they won’t be as timely as what you get on the Nexus 6P and other Google phones.

As far as customer support is concerned, you may have to make do with the many issues that have arisen with respect to many Chinese OEMs’ poor track record on this aspect. In addition, OnePlus 5 also comes with a tweaked Android OS, but the good side of the story is that you can easily unlock the bootloader and flash a ROM of your choice in order to get that personalized user experience you’d want to see on your phone.

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There are quite a good number of custom ROM options in the market and they also get good developer support, which means that even if you bump into issues, finding solutions won’t be a problem. The camera might be a dual-lens setup, but beating the single-lens setup of the Nexus 6P is still not an easy task. This is not to say that the OnePlus 5 camera is bad, in fact, it’s one of the best for a phone that is priced at under $500.

OnePlus 5 and Google Nexus 6P

You’ll also get a decent battery life with the 3300mAh unit on board thanks to the more power efficient Snapdragon 835 used to power the phone. Charging the phone is also fast thanks to the improved Dash Charge technology that gives you a full day’s charge in just a matter of minutes.

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When compared to the Nexus 6P, the new OnePlus 5 is a powerhouse in terms of performance hardware. On top of the Snapdragon 835 SoC, you also get 6GB RAM on the base model and a whopping 8GB RAM on the high-end variant. The storage on the former is 64GB while the latter gives you an impressive 128GB and similar to the Nexus family, there’s no microSD card slot.

The screen size is a little smaller at 5.5 inches compared to the 5.7-inch panel on the Nexus 6P, but it should get the job done despite the 1080p resolution as opposed to the QHD resolution of the Google phone.

All in all, apart from a few things here and there, including getting used to a front-mounted fingerprint scanner, the OnePlus 5 is a great phone and a worthy alternative to the aging Google Nexus 6P.

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