Additional 132 Countries Now Getting Facebook Messenger Lite, US not in the list for Obvious Reasons

Facebook Messenger Lite

The leading social media giant’s portfolio, Facebook app and Messenger, have been slammed for being too costly for folks outside the US and other colonies on the basis of data consumption and storage capacity.

The duo is too massive for the underprivileged group’s mid-midrange and budget Android devices with limited memory capacity and sickening processing power. That’s why Facebook launched two low-bandwidth apps-Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite. While the former has been there for some time the latter was just introduced last October. At that time it arrived in five entry markets; Kenya, Malaysia, Tunisia, Venezuela and Sri Lanka.

Now, the Messenger Lite is getting a global expansion to 132 more countries, and not 150 as earlier quoted by both Facebook and David Marcus (head of Facebook Messenger). What Facebook is trying to do is simple: build a kingdom overseas using lightweight apps while keeping competition tight with its mortal rival, Snapchat, at home.

Talking of Snapchat, the expansion of Messenger Lite is, by all means, an offensive challenge if not a tremendous blow to the messaging platform. You know Snapchat, though very popular in the US, is computationally packed for smartphones with weak hardware and software specs. Well, that’s quite okay with US citizens but not with others in developing countries with spotty data connection and low-end smartphones.

Snapchat app is now very intensive to say the very least with unprecedented focus shifted to videos and photography which is tied to cloud processing to add real-time effects like filters and masks among others. And with no stripped down version for the humble community, Facebook could make it extinct in these places if a counter-attacking measure is not taken soonest.

Facebook Messenger Lite


Don’t forget that Facebook has adopted a very direct method of competition where the California-based company has been directing lifting concepts from Snapchat for its mainstream app, Instagram and Messenger leaving the competitor with no bargaining power at all.

While the Lite versions do not feature the much acclaimed augmented reality and filters, Facebook announced the addition of geofilters and reactions along with other unclear camera effects on Facebook Lite. Meaning it’s just a matter of time and the lightweight applications will be featuring the admired photography features as well.

Snapchat’s most recent data shows that the chat service’s user base stands at 160 million MAU, in contrast, Facebook Lite alone had 200 million users as of February. That is the height of threat paused on Snapchat by these all-networks and all-phones-viable apps.

While replacing Snapchat in the US would be a far fetched dream for Mark Zuckerberg and his team, the quest to reign monarch in the overseas markets remains feasible. By being friendly to all smartphones, old and new, low and high end, plus optimization for low bandwidth networks, Facebook could render Snapchat meaningless in the international markets.

Messenger Lite gives you an equal opportunity regardless of the age of your smartphone, processing power or the size of your device’s memory. Remember, Facebook has more than 1.2 billion users interacting across its platform. So, this is a golden opportunity to send instant messages seamlessly to any of them using low data consuming Messenger Lite.Facebook Messenger Lite


There was no mention of US despite the announcer, head of Facebook Messenger David Marcus, residing in California. It’s quite understandable though, considering the economic muscle of the US, probably there is no point of introducing the stripped down version to one of the world’s powerhouses, folks here play around with Samsung flagships and the likes.

Finally, the change is now live in all the named additional 132 countries and Facebook Messenger Lite should be appearing on the Google Play Store. This change has been effective from yesterday, meaning that if you live in one of these countries, you should be able to spot Messenger Lite somewhere on the Play Store.

Again, if you are longing for a taste of the Messenger Lite and your country has not been incorporated in the official Messenger Lite rollout program, there is a way out. There is APK file for the Messenger Lite in the internet net for download, get it installed in your Android phone here at APK Mirror.

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