100 Google Employees may lose their jobs following Trump’s U.S. entry ban

Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Donald Trump

Up to 100 Google staff members who are currently working or on holiday abroad stand a chance of losing their jobs if they do not return to the U.S. as soon as possible.

Apparently, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has issued a memo to all U.S.-based workers of the search engine giant who are currently not in the country to immediately pack their stuff from wherever they are and get back to the U.S. This memo comes amid fears that the new executive order signed by new President Donald Trump – where the country will be a no-go zone for citizens of Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, and Libya – may mean these Googlers are blocked from returning to the U.S.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Donald Trump

As it is, a number of Google staff members are already facing the wrath of this new directive. This is happening despite the fact that the affected have valid VISA or green cards. However, the good thing is that this directive is only here for 90 days, although anything might change after the said period ends. What comes after these 90 days will depend on the findings from a White House investigation into procedures used by these countries to hand out VISA cards.

With this directive in place, top companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft are already complaining that getting top talents from the listed countries will be hugely affected.

As for now, those holding passports from any of the listed countries are currently being advised against traveling outside the U.S. within the next 90 days as they may be blocked from coming back.

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